About Us

History of Grouseland Tours

Jane and Murray bought Grouseland in 1995 and established Grouseland Tours in 1998. When Jane and Murray first got the property, they were constantly given heart attacks by Grouse exploding at their feet. It was obvious that there were a lot of Ruffed Grouse on the land. They also knew that the Ruffed Grouse is the Pennsylvania State Bird. And even though President William Henry Harrison's home estate is called Grouseland, he just did not serve long enough to warrant them not using the name. And as one would expect the Grouse also became our mascot named Elvis A. Grouse (After a long running inside joke between Jane and Murray).

When they first saw the property, it had an abandoned cabin shell and an impossible driveway. But it held tremendous promise.

Since then they turned the ransacked cabin into a comfortable place to live, built Grouseland’s Vacation Cottage.

They planted 150+ fruit trees and bushes (apple, pear, cherry, peach, plumb, nectarine, apricot, gooseberry, and blueberry) so that when our guests come, we will have fresh fruit for them.

Next to the Cottage the pond was given a shaded dock with hammock and kayaks for guests to use and enjoy while taking in the quiet serenity and nature of Grouseland.

In 2015 Murray and Jane’s nephew Mason was brought in to help run the business while attending college locally at Allegany College of Maryland and Frostburg State University. Business at the Cottage began booming and has continued to grow. Since then we have become friends with hundreds of wonderful people that have stayed at Grouseland. On that end alone it has been well worth our while.

In the summer of 2020 Mason graduated from FSU and took over as managing partner of Grouseland!

About Our Cottage

Grouseland is family run, and we have a passion for hospitality, so we are always ready to make your visit special.

Our authentic cottage is a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast accommodation in Clearville, PA. The Cottage’s electricity is powered by solar panels, and the water is solar heated. It offers a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom, main living room, and kitchen. We also welcome your dogs to stay! Our little cottage is secluded and pleasantly quiet. Overlooking the pond and surrounded by woods, the place offers breath-taking scenic beauty throughout the year.

Amenities & Special Activities

Grouseland the perfect excuse to explore nature and the outdoors. We provide all the essentials and amenities to make your getaway comfortable and safe. You can rent a bike to tour around or simply relax in the peaceful outdoors.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Clean living
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Personability