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An environment-focused hospitality company
promoting green living

Welcome To Grouseland Tours

Grouseland’s Mission is to be an environmentally-focused hospitality company that promotes not only green living but the benefits of renewable energy through example.

Grouseland’s Fabulous Bed and Breakfast.

Our little cottage is secluded and amazingly quiet. Overlooking our pond and surrounded by woods, it is beautiful year round. Kayak, swim, or light up the fire pit. A separate bedroom and a kitchen/common room fully equipped. Solar powered. Huge deck, miles of trails, tree house, and many unique features!

​When you stay, you get the cottage to yourself, you also have the use of the pond and kayaks. We have 10 miles of trails through our woods and you are welcome to hike through them. On our ridge in the woods we have erected a wonderful tree house. You are welcome to visit and spend time "Forest Bathing". It is a wonderful place to relax and get close to nature.

Grouseland’s Campsites

Grouseland’s Campsites offer a relaxed and unique camping experience, each campsite is reasonably placed away from the next, allowing for increased privacy during your stay. There are numerous portable toilets for use, as well as a full bathroom with shower at our camp shop that can be used by guests.

When staying at Grouseland you will be able to take advantage of our scenic overlook from each campsite and a near virgin sky which is excellent for stargazing. You can also forest bathe in our tree house to truly enjoy nature. We also offer bike and golf cart rentals for travel on property such as to the camp shop.