Vacation Cottage

Your Stay At Grouseland

Please be aware that this is a cabin in the woods. If you love nature, this is your place. You get our 450 sq ft. cottage, and huge 10' deck, all to your self. There is a separate bedroom, and bathroom, along with the main room. With a full kitchen (stove, oven, grill, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher) it is easy to bring your own food and prepare it here. We have a plenty og dishes, silverware, and utensils, along with lots of condiments, oils, and spices.

The bedroom has a queen sized bed, the loft has two singles, and the bench in the main room becomes a single bed when the bolsters are removed. In addition we have a blow up queen, and two blow up singles. We can comfortably sleep 4 adults and 2 children. The cottage has Wifi and a Fire TV in each room loaded with premium apps for your entertainment. You will find that you have pleanty of activities availible to fully enjoy your stay.

Initial Check-in Information

We ask that you call or text before you arrive (when you get to Breezewood or Hancock) so that we can greet you at the bike shop take you down to the cottage which is a 1/4 mile further, and show you around, we live on the property and are always available via texting or phone in our cottage for any questions. We want to give our guests as much privacy as possible, and our phones contact us directly to deal with any issue.

We do live on the property and drive by the cottage on our way to our bike shop where we work occasionally, We know that people want as much privacy as possible and we respect that. On the other hand Mason loves people and interacts easily, if you want interaction, he will be there.

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Essential Things To Know About Your B&B

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· Eggs, we will provide you with eggs from our pasture-raised chickens.

· Breakfast provided in addition to our eggs will include a pastry, milk and cereal. If you have a food issue, please let us know before the date of your arrival so that we may accommodate.


What not to Bring

• You do not need to bring bottled water, the water provided is excellent right out of the tap.

• Any kitchen stuff, we are fully equipped, including condiments and cooking essentials.

• Olive oil, spices, butter, etc. We have a pantry full.

• Firewood, we will have the fire pit ready to light up. We will refill it every evening.

• Charcoal, we have a gas grill ready for you to fire up.

• Linens, towels, and pillows. We have more than you will ever need.


The Toilet

Our cottage is unique in many ways, but the biggest shock to guests tend to be the toilet. Because of our location with a pond and forest, a septic system wasn't possible. So we have a Biolet composting toilet, this toilet is a high tech and fully automatic saniatary composting toilet, we take care of everything before and after your stay so all you have to do is use it! 


AGE REQUIREMENT TO MAKE A RESERVATION: You must be 18 years of age or older to reserve a site. Grouseland holds the right to revoke any request or reservation if indeed a guest is unable to provide proof of age. We will also require a credit card number to remain on file if booked directly. Guests must be 21 or older to consume alcohol on property.

DOGS: We encourage guests to bring dogs, however we do ask that you clean up after them, bags and shovel are provided as well as a bucket for the waste to be deposited, we will handle it from there. An additional fee may be charged if dog is not cleaned up after. We also ask that all dogs are kept on the provided leads when at the cottage or on leashes when on walks.

SMOKERS: Please do NOT smoke inside any buildings and make sure all butts make it into the trash or leave with you, Grouseland will charge a $50 fee if butts are left outside the B&B, and a $200 fee for smoking inside.

MISSING OR DAMAGED ITEMS: Please do not take any of our cookware, linens, towels, bed sheets home with you. You will be charged for missing or damaged items.

FIREWORKS/FIREARMS: NO fireworks and absolutely no firearms to be used while on the property.

FIREWOOD/FIREPLACE: We provide firewood each night for a decent fire. We ask that you do not take additional wood, and if a longer fire is desired that you collect branches and wood from the woods surrounding the cottage. We also ask that you do not put the tarp back over the hot ashes, and do not put glass or cans into the fire. 

EMERGENCY PHONE - Medical Emergencies or Fires PLEASE Call 9-1-1: There is a phone located in the bedroom if you cannot get cell service. Please also call our office line at 814-784-5000. In worst case scenario find us at our house located on property.

SHOP HOURS: Are by appointment only, please call us if you need to rent or buy something. The Camp Shop bathroom’s external access door will be unlocked for use 24/7. If there are a lot of guests on property a time sheet will be posted on the door, this is to be used to allow each customer a 30 min time slot for private bathroom use.

TRASH: Please put trash in the garbage can in the kitchen and all recyclables outside in the labeled bins. All food scraps should be deposited in the compost container on the kitchen counter for our chickens. They provide your eggs, so this is your chance to thank them.

CLEANING: As a courtesy, please clean up after your stay. If the property in left especially dirty an additional cleaning fee will be charged.

GREEN INITIATIVE: We put a lot of effort into making the cottage energy efficient, we ask that you help by keeping doors and windows closed when the Heat or A/C is running. And put the cover back on the Hot tub when you are finished using it.

SUPPLIES: If you need additional supplies; trash bags, towels, etc., please call 814-784-5000.

MAINTENANCE: The grounds may be maintained (mowing, etc.) during business hours.

CHECK-IN: Check-in is 4:00PM. Please call a half hour before arrival. We will meet you at the camp shop and bring you to the B&B.

CHECK-OUT: Check-out is 11:00AM or you will be charged a $50 fee.